Ever want to watch Elton John sing a song that goes "Pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy cats" or watch Tom Hanks being threatened with the death of his old buddy Wilson from 'Cast Away'?

Of course you do!

One of 'Saturday Night Live''s most bizarre and charming modern-era sketches is Bill Hader and Andy Samberg's "indie" action movie 'Laser Cats.' In it, nuclear radiation has given cats the ability to shoot lasers from their mouths and Admiral Spaceship (Samberg) and Nitro (Hader) use them to save the world.
This past week, with the legend Elton John as the host and musical guest, Hader and Samberg had help from Tom Hanks pitching 'Laser Cats: The Musical.'

Laser Cats: The Musical

Hanks doesn't actually want to be pitching this nonsense musical, but the jokes are pretty hilarious: a rogue, bumbling Spider-Man; Elton as the evil villain musician Droz; New York Knick Carmelo Anthony's cameo as a space police officer.

For the love of Michael Bay, there are definitely worse real movies being optioned right now.

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