The weekend is over and 'Source Code' is a critical and box office hit. The film is being celebrated by critics and audiences for its tight, 'Groundhog Day'-as-an-action-movie twists and turns, but wait a minute: If you think about it, one or two threads that seemed neatly tied up start to unravel, and we're blaming the final scene. Keep reading to find out why. Big SPOILERS after the jump.
'Source Code' seems like it's over when Colter Stevens goes back into the program one last time to have the perfect run before dying. It is a phenomenal success, not only does he thwart the bomber, but he also gets the girl, makes peace with his dad and leaves the whole train car laughing. Then, just when it seems he will die content ... he keeps living.

There's just one problem with this scenario: He's snatching another guy's body. That means that Colter Stevens' happily ever after is Sean Fentress' unhappy early death. Not only does he die, but his murderer goes on impersonating him in order to steal his girl!

How does this work exactly? What does Colter say to Sean's family? Does he take over his teaching job? Rather than resolving the movie, this ending, while feel-good, creates a whole new set of questions that go unanswered.

What do you think? Did Colter living on in a new reality work for you? Would you rather he had died?
Source Code
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A pilot (Jake Gyllenhaal) awakes in the body of a commuter who died in a train explosion. Read More