Dennis Lehane might be the one author who knows Boston better than any other. Lehane wrote 'Mystic River,''Gone Baby Gone' and 'Shutter Island,' all of which went on to become successful movies.

In a recent interview with City's Best, the Boston-based novelist said he's still surprised by the fanfare surrounding the film version of 'Mystic River,' which won Oscars for co-stars Sean Penn and Tim Robbins.

Lehane served as executive producer for the 2010 film of his novel 'Shutter Island,' his first official involvement in a movie version of one of his books.

He also talked about Hollywood's interest in Boston (a relatively cheap filming location) and the wealth of stories to come out of the gritty history and present of Beantown. lockquote>

From City's Best:

Did you ever think while penning 'Mystic River' that it would become an Academy Award winning film?

Not for one second. I'm still baffled and shocked by it all.

What are your thoughts on Hollywood's recent apparent obsession with Boston?

It reflects the quality of the films, I think. If the movies coming out of Boston sucked, Hollywood would have packed up and gone to Iowa. But instead we're giving up the likes of 'The Departed,' 'The Town' and 'The Social Network' to name just three. We've got some stories to mine obviously.

Moviefone ranked the top 13 Boston movies ever made, and Lehane's novels took a few spots on the list. What is your favorite Boston movie?

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