This fascinating 1939 short documentary on how Walt Disney cartoons were made is charmingly old-fashioned.

With its mention of working girls and animating each individual cell on scraps of photographed paper, it's hard to imagine a world where Pixar computers now create characters so human you forget they're animated.
How Disney Cartoons Are Made

In the video, the latest Disney cartoon heroine is Snow White, and animators watch clips of the princess and the seven dwarves to see if the movements are correct.

It all seems tedious compared to the computer-animated films we see today, but it does have a certain charm that these modern movies maybe lack.

Favorite part of the clip: The studio uses real dwarves in costume to promote the film in a "Dwarf Village" set up at the premiere. Somehow we don't think that'd fly today.

Plus, listen to Disney himself talk about the reason for each of the seven dwarves' names. It certainly gave us chills.