Lindsay Lohan is reportedly eager to play one of Hollywood's most famous murder victims, Sharon Tate.

Photographer Tyler Shields tells EW that Lohan is in talks to star as Tate in his upcoming film'Eyes of a Dreamer,' about Charles Manson, whose followers butchered Tate and her unborn child in 1969.

Shields says he wants the controversial Lohan precisely because of her well-documented troubles. "Sharon Tate was a movie star," he says. "So I want [an actress who] you already have a backstory with. People have a backstory with someone like Lindsay. And I think it's very relatable." p>

"We've worked together many, many times," Shields tells EW, relating that Lohan says playing Tate would be "amazing." Shields, by the way is going to play Manson. He promises to "go all the way" in showing the notoriously gruesome murder scene.

"I'm just going to be directing people to do the craziest sh*t they've ever done," he tells EW. "[But] I'm going to find a way to do it where it doesn't turn people off, but it gives you the feeling of it. I want this to really hit people in a really specific place."

Shields has previously photographed Lohan in violent-themed photo shoots. Lohan has played the victim of a serial killer before, in the critically panned 'I Know Who Killed Me.'

Whether Lohan gets the chance to be brutally slain on screen by Charles Manson depends, of course, on the outcome of her upcoming trial. Shields is hoping for a July 15 start date and if Lohan isn't available, says he'll be forced to recast. "We have to shoot the movie this year, so I don't know. We'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it. Hopefully that's not the case.

Lohan had previously planned to portray porn star Linda Lovelace, but she was let go from the project after violating probation.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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