Pixar fans will learn that patience is a virtue. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that 'Monsters University,' the prequel to the 2001 Pixar hit 'Monsters, Inc.' has pushed its release date back; originally scheduled to open on Nov. 2, 2012, it will now open on June 21, 2013, right in the thick of the summer movie season.

To make up for the delay, Disney will move up 'Reboot Ralph' -- originally scheduled to open up in March 2013 -- to the Nov. 2 release date. 'Ralph' tells the story of an outdated 8-bit video game character, who tries to make a comeback in a world of highly-advanced modern gaming.

And, naturally, because Disney/Pixar did something, Dreamworks Animation had to do same thing.
Hours after announcing the new schedule for its film slate, Paramount/Dreamworks decided to move their caveman family comedy, 'The Croods,' from March 1 to March 22, 2013, which gives it a little bit more breathing room now that the movie is no longer in direct competition with 'Reboot Ralph' (which in turn gives you some breathing room between how many times your kids bug you to go to the movies).

Although, 'Monsters University' now opens only two weeks after Dreamworks' super-powered snail adventure 'Turbo,' so you better start bracing yourself for many trips to the movie theater.
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