Heads up, Kevin Smith fans. Here's a golden opportunity to own a little bit of the director's work.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, director-producer-writer Smith will auction off props and costumes from some of his movies to cover distribution costs for his independently financed horror film 'Red State.'

Some 341 lots of Smith's goodies -- including the Bluntman costume from 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,' Ben Affleck's wings from 'Dogma,' a framed comic book from 'Chasing Amy,' and a cash register from 'Clerks II' -- will be on the block April 10 at the Pasadena Convention Conference Center.
The 'Kevin Smith Sells Out: The Official Askewniverse Garage Sale' catalog and bidding information can be found at Propworx, an auction house/merchandiser of TV and movie memorabilia, including 'Iron Man,' 'Stargate,' 'Battlestar Galactica' and 'Star Trek.' The catalog, which sells for $35 (there's an autographed version for $50), not only serves as a preview of the costumes and set pieces on sale but is also a celebration of the art and design of Smith's films.

'Red State,' a religious horror film about teens and wayward fundamentalists, is scheduled for an Oct. 19 release.
Red State
R 2011
Based on 9 critics

An unhinged preacher and his flock summarily execute homosexuals and lusty teenagers. Read More

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