'Talihina Sky: The Story of the Kings of Leon' chronicles the band's rise to fame from poor Southern Pentecostal beginnings.

From the trailer, released this week, the film meshes the Followill brothers and their cousin's relationships to God with that of their slightly disapproving father.
Kings of Leon: Talihina Sky

The band formed in Tennessee in 1999 and clips from the trailer show clashes between the old-time religious practices of their youth and the rock star lifestyle the Followills now lead.

"As soon as I knew we got a record deal, that whole night I never slept because I knew I was going to hell and I wasn't going to be a preacher," one of the band's members says in the opening line of the trailer.

It's certainly a unique look at one band's ever-climbing success.

The film will be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival starting April 20.