I'll have what they're all having.

Hopping on the sequels train, Funny or Die created 'When Harry Met Sally 2,' a pitch from original star Billy Crystal and director Rob Reiner. Set in the future after Sally (Meg Ryan) has passed away, Harry's kids put him in a retirement home where he meets the new love of his life, played by Helen Mirren.

But if a studio's going to follow one Hollywood craze, why not follow another?
'When Harry Met Sally 2'

Enter 'Grampires.' That's right: 'When Harry Met Sally 2' becomes a vampire flick that would make even 'Twilight' fans uncomfortable.

There's also a hilarious roster of comedians and actors on board including Rob Riggle, Adam Scott, Mike O'Malley, Maya Rudolph, boxer Mike Tyson, and indie comedians Josh Fadem and Ali Wong.

This is definitely one of Funny or Die's best parodies because everyone in it rules. But also, it's nice to see Billy Crystal has still got it where it counts.

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