If you're wondering why a big-screen remake of a late-'80s TV show about cops who arrest kids is necessary, here's a solid argument: 'Daily Show' veteran Rob Riggle may co-star as a drug-dealing criminal mastermind.

Variety reports that Riggle is in talks to play the lead baddie in the upcoming reboot of '21 Jump Street,' which will star Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

Riggle would play, according to The Hollywood Reporter, "a member of DAD -- Dads Against Drugs -- who has a burn-marked face and is secretly the main drug supplier."
Another reason to give this film a shot? A slimmed-down Jonah Hill. The 'Knocked Up' and 'Get Him to the Greek' star dropped over 30 pounds to slip into the undercover clothes of Officer Doug Penhall once occupied by Peter Deluise.

Of course, action films probably don't excite Riggle all that much. The man is, after all, a lieutenant colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, having seen duty in Kosovo, Liberia and Afghanistan.
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May 31, 2016
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