'Modern Family's' Sofia Vergara is rumored to be very close to getting an offer for a femme fatale part in the Farrelly brothers' big-screen version of 'The Three Stooges.'

The comedy -- starring Sean Hayes as Larry and Will Sasso as Curly -- will be divided into three 27-minute segments (mimicking the length of the original Three Stooges shorts) with much of the action set in the present day (no, it won't be a period piece).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vergara's character is a devious woman who pretends to be the wife of a dying man; she wants the Stooges to kill him in his sleep for a handsome sum. The storyline makes up the second vignette.
The Farrellys have been working on this project for more than a decade after it had bounced from Columbia Pictures to Warner Bros. to MGM and finally to Fox. Late last year the project really picked up steam, with the names of Jim Carrey, Sean Penn and Benicio Del Toro being bandied about for roles in the film.

Two weeks ago Sasso came on board, and on Tuesday Hayes joined the production. Now the filmmakers just have to find their Moe. "Soitenly!"
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