"It's 'Juno' reimagined by David Lynch," teases the trailer for the new indie 'Daydream Nation,' starring Kat Dennings as a big-city girl forced to move to a "backwards hick town." Bored out of her mind, she stirs up all kinds of trouble, including seducing her teacher (Josh Lucas). We think it looks like 'Easy A' for the Sundance set.

A previous trailer features darker scenes, including a car crash and one character waving a gun.

The film co-stars Andie MacDowell as Dennings' mother and Reece Thompson ('Ceremony') as the boy Dennings' character hits on then dumps.

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According to the official movie site, 'Daydream Nation' opens in New York and Los Angeles on May 6 (the same day as Dennings' other summer movie, 'Thor,') and then debuts on DVD and Blu-ray on May 17.

[via Screencrave]