Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to showbiz won't be limited to just voicing his new action hero, 'The Governator.'

The 'Terminator' star is also planning to headline the action film 'The Last Stand,' in which he'll play a small-town sheriff who must recapture a drug cartel leader before he crosses the border to freedom in Mexico. Korean director Kim Jee-Woon ('The Uninvited') will take the reins.

Schwarzenegger is also in talks for 'The Tomb,' for director Antoine Fuqua. He'd play a security expert who is framed for a crime he didn't commit, then locked up in a prison he designed. Hmmm, think he manages to break out and catch the real criminals? Bruce Willis was previously mentioned to star. According to JoBlo, our favorite Austrian export has other projects on his to-do list, including the World War II drama 'With Wings As Eagles' and a father-son-bonding drama called -- and no, we're not kidding -- 'Cry Macho.' In that one, he'd play a horse trainer who must bring his estranged son back from Mexico.

"It becomes a movie about the relationship between the boy, who never had a parent that cared about him, and this horse trainer," Arnie said of the film. "It's a really wonderful story."

What project would you like to see Arnold do next?

[via TheWrap]
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