This past week on indieWIRE, the Motion Picture Academy shocked the industry, Todd Haynes dished on 'Mildred Pierce,'Greta Gerwig went Hollywood, and much more.

  • The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences made waves this week when it announced that Dawn Hudson would succeed Bruce Davis as the Academy's new CEO. Thompson on Hollywood reported on how this change will shake up the Academy.
  • In His Own Words: 'Henry's Crime' director Malcom Venville analyzed a climactic scene exclusively for indieWIRE.Click here to watch the pivotal scene and read Venville's description of how it all came together.

  • HBO's five-part miniseries 'Mildred Pierce' is generating some of the greatest buzz of Todd Haynes' career. In the first installment of a two-part interview with indieWIRE, Haynes reflected on working within the realm of television, comparisons between 'Pierce' and 'Far From Heaven,' and the power of the melodrama.

  • Max Winkler, son of Henry, makes his directorial debut with 'Ceremony.'Winkler sat down with indieWIRE to discuss his love for the Big Apple, replacing his lead actor and ignoring his father's advice.

  • Mumblecore queen Greta Gerwig made the leap to Hollywood this week with her role in 'Arthur.'Eric Kohn dissected just how much she adds to the Russell Brand remake.

  • João Pedro Rodrigues' 'To Die Like a Man' has finally found its way to U.S. theaters. indieWIRE'sEric Kohn decided the film was worth the wait. "It took some time, but 'To Die Like a Man' deserves your attention for showcasing a filmmaker with the capacity for bold narrative trickery that doesn't come at the expense of emotional investment."

  • Eric Kohn paired up the just-released trailer for Lars Von Trier's 'Melancholia' with another one for the Sundance sci-fi breakout 'Another Earth.' Watch both here and decide which one has a leg up.
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