Word came out over the weekend that Jake Scott, director of 'Welcome to the Rileys,' will be helming a big screen biography of late rocker Jeff Buckley.

Performing as a session musician before releasing his seminal and beloved album, "Grace," in 1994, Buckley drowned in the Wolf River in Tennessee before he could complete work on his second record.

Buckley boasted an ethereal voice and impressive guitar skills, and, though he passed at age 30 and released only one proper album, influenced a generation of musicians. It will be a much sought after role -- the question is, who should play it?

The license to use Buckley's music was part of the deal, so a good singer may not be necessary. But should the star be able to sing? Or is the look and attitude more important? Here are some casting possibilities.
James Franco

Yeah, yeah, he's seemingly in everything, but he could be a perfect fit. Franco looks a lot like Buckley and has mastered the role of lonesome brooder (see: 'Freaks and Geeks,' 'James Dean'). Unfortunately, he's not much of a singer, but perhaps he can lip sync.

Taylor Kitsch

Best known for his starring role as Tim Riggins on 'Friday Night Lights,' Kitsch has the long hair and good looks required. And, again, a brooder. His film career is about to take off; he played Gambit in the 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' bomb, but he's got a big role in the upcoming 'Battleship' and is starring in 'John Carter of Mars.' No word on whether he's got the vocal chops.

Robert Pattinson

A bit younger than Franco, he's also mastered the art of brooding on film. Another factor in Pattinson's favor: he's actually a talented musician, both as a singer and as a guitarist. In fact, that was his first passion, before he got bit by a vampire, so to speak.

Darren Criss

He's Kurt's love interest this season on 'Glee,' his breakout role. He can most definitely sing, and has the dark hair and good looks that Buckley boasted. He hasn't done much film work, and at 24 is a bit young (Buckley died at 30), but it'd be a great launching pad if he could snag the role.

Sam Riley

A bit of an unknown in the States, Riley played another rock legend who died far too young, playing Ian Curtis in the 2007 biopic "Control." Quiet and mercurial in the part, Riley nailed Curtis, and could do the same with Buckley.

Jared Leto

It's the role he was born to play (if he can get it, of course). Mid-90's star ('My So-Called Life') turned enigmatic musician, Leto could be a perfect fit. He is, however, a bit old for the part at 39, and he hasn't done much acting recently.

Julian Casablancas

As the lead singer of The Strokes, he's worked with Scott before, on the band's music videos. Who knows if he can act? But he can sing and play guitar and has the look.

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