Today on indieWIRE: Stephen Root chats with indieWIRE about his 1,000th IMDb credit, Helen Mirren gets frisky, Cannes makes a date with Bernardo Bertolucci and more.

  • indieWIRE sat down withStephen Root, an actor with 1,000 IMDb credits, including a slew of 2011 releases -- 'Rango,' 'Cedar Rapids,' 'Red State' and 'The Conspirator.' "It's been challenging to be able to manage it all," Root said. "When you film so many TV comedy roles -- especially like I did in the '90s, with 'NewsRadio' and 'Seinfeld' or whatever, you get typecast and it was really difficult to break out out that. And in 2000 or so, I really decided to try and do that. But to be able to change casting directors minds was hard, especially with dramatic roles. But I kept pushing, and it eventually paid off a bit."
  • Three new Tribeca Filmmaker interviews hit indieWIRE today in anticipation of the 10th annual event. Check them out here.

  • Women and Hollywoodtore into what SNL chose to do with guest host Helen Mirren. "It turned out the show was hosted not by Mirren, but by her boobs. This week's episode of SNL highlighted the uncomfortable nature of how we as a culture deal with and talk about sexuality and the older woman." Did you find her skits funny?

  • Speaking of the woeful state of women's roles in Hollywood today, Thompson on Hollywood pointed to The New Yorker's profile of comedienne Anna Faris, who is turning down what she calls "bounce card" roles in favor of developing and writing her own stuff.

  • Cannes announced today that the festival will honor director Bernardo Bertolucci with the Honorary Palme d'Or.

  • indieWIRE launched the new daily column, indieWIRE Recaps, that curates indie news and stories from around the film world. Click here to view the first entry.

  • For those dying to see the latest installment in the 'Scream' series that hits theaters this Friday, check out one of Neve Campbell's early films, the short 'Love Child.' Spout has the streaming short along with a breakdown of why it still stands up.

  • Fans of Matt Reeves' 'Let Me In,' the surprisingly ace remake of 'Let the Right One In,' rejoice. The Playlist reported on Reeves' follow-up, a sci-fi film based on the short story '8 O'Clock in the Morning.' "Doesn't sound familiar? It was the foundation for John Carpenter's 1988 film 'They Live,' with the story centering on a man who wakes up one day with the realization that aliens have taken over and are in control. But don't call it a remake. Reeves will be writing his own script based on the story and will be ditching the plot element where special glasses reveal the identity of aliens who are hiding as humans."
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