The cinematographer Robert Richardson has filmed people drowning their mothers in fish tanks ('Natural Born Killers') and chopping off people's arms ('Kill Bill'). Now he's embarking on a movie about people who eat other people's flesh. Well, maybe "people" is a misnomer. Richardson just started prepping for 'World War Z,' the zombie movie directed by Marc Foster, whose previous filmic dealings with monsters were limited to the metaphorical ('Monster's Ball').

'World War Z' is based on Max Brooks' bestselling 2006 horror novel 'World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War.' According to BleedingCool, Richardson has reported for duty at Elstree Studios, in London. He recently wrapped Martin Scorsese's 'Hugo Cabret' at another London-area studio, Shepperton.

Robertston's arrival at Elstree is big news considering that just a few weeks ago there was talk of Paramount ditching the production.
Apparently, the studio was having second thoughts about the $125 million price tag, but now, with Robertson on set, 'World War Z' appears to be back from the dead.

The movie is set to star Brad Pitt, whose production company, Plan B, is producing. For fans of the book, the involvement of a D.P. as experienced and stylish as Richardson is sure to add to the already-simmering anticipation. In addition to filming serial killers and body-part-severers, Richardson has also shot conspirators ('JFK'), Nazis ('Inglorious Basterds') and mummies (Scorsese's 2008 concert film 'Shine a Light,' about the Rolling Stones).
World War Z
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A former U.N. investigator is forced back into service to find the source of a zombie pandemic. Read More

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