By: Saki Knafo

After much reluctance, 'Lord of the Rings' director Peter Jackson bowed to the will of studio executives and rabid fans and agreed to direct 'The Hobbit,' and now there's proof: a 10-minute video of Jackson behind the scenes in New Zealand.

The shooting has just begun, and already 'Gandalf' actor Ian McKellen is complaining. Well, sort of. See him grouse, charmingly, about the trials of wearing a fake beard around the 6:15 mark.

(No, Gandalf's beard in the 'Lord of the Rings' cycle was not, in fact, genuine McKellen growth.) center>

'The Hobbit' Behind the Scenes

Other highlights: a quick stick-fighting sequence, some sword-wielding and a glimpse into a murky goblin den. And then there's the dwarf wardrobe.

"We're having a look at a couple of dwarf makeup and wardrobe fittings," says Jackson, "which is always exciting."

It sure is, at least if you're the type of 'LOTR' fan who's had to content yourself with feverish re-watchings of the original trilogy these last eight years.

Just hope that Richard Armitage's wish for the cast and crew comes true.

"For everyone who has waited so long for the day to begin," he says at a Powhiri welcoming ceremony on day one of the shoot. "I would like to wish them good luck, good health and good harmony."

A long wait indeed. At least you can amuse yourself with feverish re-watchings of Peter Jackson wandering around the dwarf wardrobe. For now.
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