Ever considered Sleeping Beauty as a prostitute?

The haunting new trailer for 'Sleeping Beauty,' one of the 19 competition films in the 64th Cannes Film Festival this year. It stars Emily Browning ('Sucker Punch') re-imagines the "fairytale" as being about a high-class prostitute whose specialty is taking a load of sleeping pills and letting clients have their way.
'Sleeping Beauty' Trailer

Sleeping Beauty from Pollen Digital on Vimeo.

This looks really interesting and like an acting challenge more worthy of Browning's talents, which were wasted in the showy action blockbuster 'Sucker Punch.'

Though there's a Hollywood trend right now of gritty, dark takes on fairy tales, this one actually looks like it touches on something deeper than anything we've seen so far.

This creepy concept, hinted at in the trailer, made it hard for us to close our eyes.

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