Today on indieWIRE: Celebrating Super 8, Sean Penn as Robert Smith, the Titanic encourages bad taste and more.

  • This Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of Flicker NYC, New York's only Super 8 film festival. indieWIRE spoke with festival programmer David Teague about why he believes so strongly in the medium. "Super 8 provides a look you just can't approximate digitally," Teague said. "It offers something that can't be done in any other way."
  • Clio Barnard's 'The Arbor' is gaining attention for its use of lip-syncing in depicting the life of late British playwright Andrea Dunbar. indieWIRE caught up with Barnard to talk about her unconventional approach to the biopic genre.

  • Eric Kohn was a big fan of Zeina Durra's 'The Imperialists Are Still Alive,' championing its groundbreaking depiction of post-9/11 Middle Eastern life. "The first-time director's refreshingly credible portrait of a boho character with Middle Eastern origins rectifies the aforementioned canonical gap," enthused Kohn, "in a witty, naturalistic generational snapshot."

  • Kohn also reviewed 'The Double Hour,' analyzing how successful it is in making use of the unexpected plot twist. Click here to find out whether or not Kohn thinks the movie pulled off taking surprising narrative turns.

  • Today brought an indieWIRE introduction to three more Tribeca Filmmakers: read the interviews with Marie Losier, Joshua Neale and Paula Van Der Oest.

  • Excitement has been brewing over pictures of Sean Penn as The Cure's Robert Smith in the upcoming 'This Must Be the Place.' The Playlist raised the level of fervor by posting a clip featuring outtakes and footage of Penn in character.

  • The sinking of the Titanic almost 100 years ago not only made history but also lead to some seriously questionable depictions of the tragedy. Spout takes a look at some of the entertainment industry's more notorious lapses in taste.

  • Not sure which film to see this weekend? Check out Thompson on Hollywood's rundown of noteworthy indie and foreign films hitting theaters this week.
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A daughter of playwright Andrea Dunbar has a similarly tragic life to that of her mother. Read More

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