It's tough being a smart tween among bullies.

'NEDS' (which stands for Non-Educated Delinquents) takes place in the gritty, savage and often violent world of 1970s Glasgow, Scotland.

Young John McGill is a bright and sensitive boy, eager to learn and full of promise, but the deck is stacked against him.
'NEDS' First Five Minutes

John's father is a violent drunk, and his teachers -- punishing John for the "sins" of his older brother -- are down on him from the start. With no one willing to give him the chance he desperately needs, John takes to the savage life of the streets with a vengeance.

'NEDS,' directed by Peter Mullan, is available in limited release on May 13.

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Not Yet Rated 2010
In Theaters on December 1st, 2010

An intelligent boy struggles with gang warfare, an alcoholic father and class warfare. Read More