When comedian Rob Delaney tweeted "2 older women who give me major boners are Helen Mirren & Madea," it signaled the beginning of a week of Tyler PerryTwitter-mania.

The 'Madea' movies are perfect material for Twitter mockery, and this Friday, 'Madea's Big Happy Family' will add to the seemingly never-ending series of 'Madea' films by mogul/actor/writer/director Tyler Perry. Perry also has a Twitter account (@tylerperry), which he uses sporadically to promote his films.

Twitter is usually a cesspool for pop culture jokes anyway, but there's been a recent boon in 140-character quips about Perry's 'Madea.'
Moviefone compiled some of the best 'Madea' jokes on Twitter to fire up fans and haters for this week's 'Madea's Big Happy Family' premiere.

Do you love or hate the 'Madea' movies? Tell us in the comments.
Madea's Big Happy Family
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Madea (Tyler Perry) takes charge when her niece (Loretta Devine) receives a distressing diagnosis. Read More