Tongues have been feverishly wagging since the 'Crazy Stupid Love' trailer broke, exposing us all to Ryan Gosling's incredibly ripped abs. As Emma Stone's character points out in the trailer, he looks Photoshopped. After the excitement of seeing Gosling's abs subsides, it becomes apparent that this is a wingman movie, with Gosling taking the dorky dad character played by Steve Carell under his buff, glistening wing.

Doesn't it seem almost counter-intuitive to think that a handsome wingman could help step up a nerdy man's game? After all, wouldn't there be a risk of losing all ladies to the hunk by your side? Particularly in the case of Carell and Gosling in the slated-for-July release 'Crazy, Stupid Love.' Wouldn't any woman who falls into their path be distracted by a) Gosling's perfectly coiffed 'do and rock hard abs and b) wondering what the heck these two are doing hanging out with each other?

Of course, there's a perfectly reasonable back-story that explains how the unlikely duo wound up on the prowl together. Carell's character Cal is heartbroken when his wife (Julianne Moore) wants a divorce, and he meets Gosling's character, Jacob, during a painfully awkward night out at a local bar. (Because really, what hot young bachelor doesn't want a dorky 40-something dad to pick up chicks with?)