In 'Brother's Justice,'Dax Shepard pitches a new karate action flick -- and things do not go as planned.

'Brother's Justice,' a mockumentary directed by Shepard and his friend David Palmer, is the story of Shepard's attempt to reinvent his career, abandoning comedy in pursuit of his true dream: to become an internationally renowned martial arts star. center>

First Five Minutes: 'Brother's Justice'

With no formal martial arts training or adequate funding for his "blockbuster" action movie script, Dax enlists the help of his buddies including producer Nate Tuck and actors Tom Arnold and Bradley Cooper.

Together, they fight to realize Dax's true passion while facing rejection at every turn.

'Brother's Justice' is available on demand on April 20 and will be in limited release on May 13.

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Brother's Justice
Not Yet Rated2010
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Actor Dax Shepard decides to leave comedy and pursue a career as a martial-arts star. Read More