The place for Hobbit news is Facebook! Several hours ago, anxious, hungry, Hobbit-obsessed fans learned in a roundabout way that Sir Ian Holm would indeed be returning to the beloved role as Bilbo Baggins (the older version) for the upcoming two-part film(s) 'The Hobbit.'

'Lord Of The Rings' director/producer (co-writer of the film adaptation), Peter Jackson, recently posted a message on his Facebook fan page clarifying the identity of a voiceover in a short video announcing the production of the films. Many people assumed the voice was that of Holm. The audio was actually Martin Freeman, who plays the younger Mr. Baggins. And it was taken from a script read-through. However, the mistake is unimportant! What is important is that it has now been uttered by someone in the know: "Ian will be returning as the older Bilbo Baggins in 'The Hobbit.'"
The two parts of 'The Hobbit' are currently both in production, and filming in New Zealand, with Part 1 set to release in December 2012, and Part 2 at some point in 2013. So plan ahead. Way ahead.

(Written By Caroline Dworin)
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