Lindsay Lohan is facing her fourth go-round in jail after being sentenced to 120 days for violating probation with her alleged necklace theft in January.

How this -- and her upcoming trial -- will affect the role she just landed in 'Gotti: Three Generations,' is not clear.

She is currently free after posting her $75,000 bail last night.

Although the judge, Stephanie Sautner, saw "a level of brazenness" and intent in Lohan's actions regarding the necklace, she reduced felony grand theft to a misdemeanor level, saying, "I'm going to give her an opportunity."

Sautner also sentenced Lohan to 500 hours of community service, to be served at the county morgue and a women's shelter, with the hopes of giving the actress "a dose of perspective.'

Cameras were not allowed in the court this time, but reports are that Lohan did not visibly react to the sentence. She cried when her lawyer, Shawn Holley told the judge that Lohan had been punished enough since her first arrest for drunken driving in 2007.

A trial date of June 3 has been set on the misdemeanor charge for June 3, with a pre-trial date of May 11.

Whether Lohan will spend the entire 120 days of her jail term is also not clear. Last year, she served only 14 of a 90 day sentence.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter, USA Today]
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