Russell Crowe is looking for a new job description. The New Zealand actor -- who has been saddled lately with a spate of unmemorable films ('State of Play,' 'The Next Three Days,' 'Robin Hood') has his eyes on the director's chair and may choose as his first outing an adaptation of James Ellroy's '77' that links two stories: the nationally televised shootout in South Central L.A. between the LAPD and the Symbionese Liberation Army (who kidnapped Patty Hearst) and the unsolved murder of an LAPD officer. According to Deadline, Crowe has wanted to branch out into directing for years and though he was attached to several projects, they have all fallen through. He's keeping his fingers crossed on this one.

Two stars from AMC's 'The Killing' have landed big-screen roles. Mireille Enos, who plays a detective in the series, has landed the role of Brad Pitt's wife in 'World War Z,' Paramount's adaptation of Max Brooks' novel that takes place 10 years after a global zombie epidemic. Marc Forster is directing the film, which is scheduled to begin shooting in June in London, Malta and other locales around the world. Meanwhile, 'The Killing's' Joel Kinnaman is joining the Universal thriller 'Safe House,' starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. The film follows the only surviving agent of an attack on a CIA safe house (Reynolds) as he tries to transport a lethal prisoner (Washington) to a second destination before being taken out by violent forces that want them both dead. Kinnaman will play the operator of a second safe house. The film, shooting in South Africa, also co-stars Tim McGraw, Ruben Blades, Vera Farmiga and Brendan Gleeson.
The 'Office's' Mindy Kaling has grabbed a role in Universal's new comedy 'Five Year Engagement,' which follows the ups and downs of a long-term engagement. Jason Segel and Emily Blunt star and Alison Brie co-stars in the movie directed by Nicholas Stoller and produced by Judd Apatow. Kaling will play a graduate student. [Variety]

The 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' car is for sale on eBay. The car, one of many used in the 1968 film but the only one that actually runs, has a starting price tag of $1 million. Here's the description:
Built on a custom ladder frame chassis, many old world forms of car building were employed, and modern technology stepped in to create a vehicle which was both accurate enough to fool veteran and classic car experts, when held under the scrutiny of 70mm cinema cameras, and durable enough to withstand everything from driving in sand, cobbled streets and down staircases. The bonnet is crafted of polished aluminum; the boat deck is hand-crafted of red and white cedar built by boat builders in Buckinghamshire, and the array of brass fittings were obtained from Edwardian cars. Even the alloy dashboard plate is from a British World War I fighter plane! The car weighs approximately 2 tons and measures 17 1/2 feet in length and is powered by a Ford 3 litre V-6 engine mated to an automatic transmission. [Neatorama]
And, lastly, on an eye-opening note: 3D technology company MasterImage 3D is in final negotiations with several luxury car makers to put glasses-free 3D screens in automobiles (and is in discussions with airlines to do the same in airplanes) sometime within the next three years. Do we really want to drive around behind an SUV at 65 MPH on the freeway and see a bloodthirsty piranha jump out at us from a TV screen. Talk about road rage. [Movieline]
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