Today on indieWIRE a slew of Tribeca films got critiqued, the Oscars set a 2012 date and more.

  • indieWIRE critic Eric Kohn tore into Tony Kaye's 'Detachment,' starring Adrien Brody. "Kaye renders his shrill and didactic melodrama about the pratfalls of the education system in shockingly amateur terms. However, there's an element of sheer spectacle in seeing a top-tier cast assembled for such a deeply awful production." Ouch.

  • The same went for the experimental sci-fi flick 'Beyond the Black Rainbow,' the feature-length debut of director Panos Cosmatos. "... a wacky, carefully designed, totally inscrutable science fiction puzzle," Kohn wrote of the film. "With a minimum of plot and consistently extraordinary visuals, Cosmatos delivers an intoxicating mind trip that defies logic in favor of a hypnotic rhythm."

  • Peter Knegt caught 'The Swell Season,' which documents three years in the life of the band of the same name, best known for their work in the Irish indie musical 'Once.' Knegt called the film a "charming and polished new entry into the music documentary corpus, and one sure to find considerable play at festivals beyond its premiere at the ongoing Tribeca Film Festival."

  • Daniel Walber over at Spout, meanwhile, opted for Dennis Lee's 'Jesus Henry Christ,' starring Toni Colette and Michael Sheen. "I suppose that this movie was inevitable," wrote Walber. "After a decade in which '500 Days of Summer,' 'Little Miss Sunshine' and 'Juno' made great success out of quirky humor and eccentric characters, we were bound to some day find ourselves face to face with a miserably mediocre attempt to keep the creativity going. 'Jesus Henry Christ' tries so hard to be original, cute, funny and unique but just ends up looking foolish and exhausted."

  • Speaking of Tribeca, Anne Thompson chatted with 'Last Night' director Massy Tadjedin. The rookie director opened up to Thompson about the long journey her film took to get to the Tribeca Film Festival.

  • In indieWIRE's weekly VOD/DVD/Blu-ray column, Brian De Palma's classic thriller 'Blow Out,' and the Tribeca films 'The Bleeding House' and 'The Bang Bang Club,' were among the flicks to make the cut. Click here to see to the other picks.

  • The Academy today revealed key dates for the 84th Academy Awards. Stay up to date here.

  • Last night news broke that The Weinstein Company had acquired Lee Hirsch's 'The Bully Project,' currently playing at the Tribeca Film Festival.

  • In case you missed indieWIRE's report on Christine Vachon's talk at the 54th San Francisco International Film Festival, click here to catch up on all she had to say on the "state of cinema."