Who was that masked man, anyway?

Maybe Armie Hammer, who is the front-runner to play the Lone Ranger opposite Johnny Depp in Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer's big-screen adaptation of the TV series, according to Variety.

Hammer is best known as the Winklevoss twins in 'The Social Network'; he recently was cast as a prince in Relativity Media's 'Snow White' adaptation.

Johnny Depp has long been attached to the project as the Lone Ranger's sidekick and comrade-in-arms Tonto. The director will be Gore Verbinski.
No word on plotline yet, but let's hope that the studio doesn't deviate from the original, which began on radio in the 1930s, segued to the big screen, and finally found a home on TV from 1949 to 1957. The story was simplicity itself: A group of Texas Rangers is ambushed and all but one are killed; he's nurtured back to life by a Native American (who becomes his faithful partner) and vows to fight crime and corruption in the Old West. He disguises his real identity by donning a black mask; his calling card: silver bullets.

According to Variety, the studio and Bruckheimer are anxious to get this one off the ground since its been in development for so long; they're aiming for a start sometime this year for a late-2012 release. A lot depends on Depp, who is much in demand these days. Let's get going, Kemo Sabe.
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