Today on indieWIRE: Edward Burns talked indie filmmaking, 'L'amour fou' director talked fashion and Tribeca dolled out awards.

  • Tribeca Film Festival vet and indie stalwart Edward Burns stopped by the Apple Store in SoHo for Apple and indieWIRE's "Meet the Tribeca Filmmaker" series to talk about his low-budgeted romantic dramedy, 'Newlyweds,' which is closing the festival on Saturday.
  • Lisa Aschan's 'She Monkeys' (Apflickorna) and Alma Har'el's 'Bombay Beach' topped the Tribeca Film Festival Jury Awards on Thursday night in New York. For the full list of winners click here.

    • Oliver Stonedropped down in San Francisco for the city by the bay's International Film Festival to accept the Founder's Directing Award. After a career-highlights clip reel, Stone and journalist David D'Arcy took the stage for an informal Q&A.

    • indieWIRE was on the scene at the event to report on the festival standouts.

    • "Automobile junkies and environmentalists are likely to embrace the movie with the same excitement they brought the first one, although since it doesn't reveal a lot of new information," wrote indieWIRE critic Eric Kohn of 'Revenge of the Electric Car,' the follow-up to the 2006 documentary 'Who Killed the Electric Car.' The film earned a B from Kohn.

    • 'L'amour fou' director Pierre Thoretton caught up with indieWIRE during Tribeca to discuss his Yves Saint Laurent documentary.

    • Gregory Peck's visage was honored Friday with the unveiling of his Hollywood Legends Forever Stamp. Thompson on Hollywood was on the scene to cover the who's who of attendees gathering at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Samuel Goldwyn Theatre to remember Peck.

    • Thompson on Hollywood got in the spirit ofthe Royal Wedding and rounded up photo and video highlights from Friday's big event. Click here to admire that dress just one more time.

    • It looks like Steven Soderbergh's retirement plans may have gotten pushed back. The ever-busy director has signed on to direct 'Magic Mike,' Channing Tatum's passion project about his early days as a stripper. The Playlist reported on Soderbergh's surprising decision to get back in the saddle one more time.

    • When 'The High Cost of Living' hits theaters in May, audiences will witness Zach Braff's dark side. The Playlist sat down with Braff to talk over his decision to play a drug dealer who unwittingly causes the loss of a woman's child. "The challenge with me was calling myself on my bullshit go-to acting comfort zones," said Braff, "and really try to throw that out the window and start new."
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