Don't count out that Osama Bin Laden film from Oscar-winning team Mark Boal and Kathryn Bigelow yet: Turns out Boal was tracking the very same team that performed the surgical strike.

It's a lucky break for the filmmaker who can now incorporate a dramatic, real-life ending instead of the original script about a failed mission. Sources close to Boal -- a former investigative journalist -- report he will "definitely" include the 40-minute firefight at the Pakistan compound in which Navy SEALs successfully found and killed the most wanted terrorist in the world.

The timing works very well, as Bigelow and Boal's project was slated to go into production this summer. Casting, had just begun, will now await a finalized script. Boal was planning a trip to Afghanistan next week but was forced to cancel due to recent events. The 'Hurt Locker' team is waiting to see how the Arab world reacts to Bin Laden's death, but are still aiming for a summer shoot.

Security is expected to be considerably heightened on the now-high-profile film, as is the influx of funding.

After winning Oscars for 'The Hurt Locker,' Bigelow and Boal had first opted for 'Triple Frontier,' a big-budget Paramount film, as their next project. But due to scheduling conflicts, they decided to shoot the smaller-scale 'Bin Laden' film first, which is turning out to be a very timely decision.

Are you more likely to see this movie now it has a real-life ending? And who would you want to star in it?

[Via Variety]
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