Looks like the legend of Ron Burgundy is over.

Fans of 'Anchorman,' Will Ferrell's 2004 comedy about a goofy, egotistical '70s news anchor in San Diego, must remain in a glass case of emotion: Paramount Pictures has nixed the idea for a sequel.

The original 'Anchorman' was a comedic tour-de-force with Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, David Koechner, Christina Applegate and cameos from Luke Wilson, Tim Robbins and Ben Stiller, among others.
At a screening for Ferrell's new indie comedy 'Everything Must Go,' he told reporters he and creative partner Adam McKay are both ready to go on a sequel, but that Paramount owns the rights and doesn't believe 'Anchorman 2' would be a success.

"'Anchorman 2,' you'd have to really assert some kind of email hate campaign to Paramount Pictures because they've told us, quote-unquote, 'We've run the numbers and it's not a good fit,'" Ferrell told an audience of journalists (via CinemaBlend).

The red light from Paramount means that an old-school approach that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay had planned for the sequel will not be happening.

"We were going to do almost a reverse ... almost like how the Marx brothers used to do. We were going to do a Broadway musical and then have a film come out after the stage show," Ferrell said, confirming earlier rumors. "Everyone we tell the idea loves it, except for the studio that owns the rights. Ball's in their courts, but they're being idiots."

Ferrell has recently taken some time off big-budget ventures. He's been guest-starring on TV's 'The Office' and stars in a Spanish-language indie film, 'Casa de Mi Padre,' opposite Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal.

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