Today on indieWIRE: Our annual Cannes Guide went live, we made our picks for what to catch at home, and much more.

  • Want to keep track of what's playing at Cannes and when? indieWIRE has made it easy for you to keep up with the world's leading film festival. Check out our annual Cannes Guide to All the Films to stay in the know.
  • In no particular order we picked the 20 films we're most looking forward to catch on La Croisette. Among the ones that made the cut: 'Tree of Life' (big surprise), Pedro Almodovar's oddball thriller 'The Skin I Live In,'Gus Van Sant's delayed 'Restless,' Julia Leigh's directorial debut 'The Sleeping Beauty,' which landed a coveted spot in the main competition, and Lars Von Trier's reported solid follow-up to 'Antichrist,' 'Melancholia.'

  • The scorching two-hander 'Blue Valentine' came out as our top DVD/Blu-ray pick of the week. Click here to see what flicks to catch on VOD this week.

  • 'The First Grader,' the moving true story of an 84-year-old Kenyan villager who fought for his right to go to school, finally lands in select theaters this Friday, after a long festival run following its premiere at the Telluride Film Festival in 2010. In an Email interview with indieWIRE, director Justin Chadwick opened up about bringing this moving story to the screen.

  • Last week, Fox Home Entertainment gave a big vote of confidence to the digital future of foreign-language movies with the announcement of Fox World Cinema. Anthony Kaufman broke down what this means for foreign cinema and whether VOD will bring it the audience is deserves.

  • The documentary 'Louder Than a Bomb,' which has been hitting film festivals under the endorsement of Oprah Winfrey, premieres on the OWN network later this year following a limited theatrical release that kicks off next weekend. "Assuming a structure familiar from spelling-bee portrait 'Spellbound,' 'Louder than a Bomb' explores four competitors gearing up for the 2008 event, which has taken place each year since 2001," Eric Kohn wrote in his review of the doc. "Each fills a different archetype, making it possible to show the broad possibilities for poetry to provide a vessel for teenage expression." The film earned a B from the critic.

  • Since breaking ties with 'Wolverine,' Darren Aronofskyis now said to be eying 'Human Nature,' which would star George Clooney. The script follows a cryogenically frozen man who wakes up to discover that humans are now pets to another species. Sounds trippy.
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