"A is for Ax, B is for Beheading": not your traditional way to teach the ABCs, but 26 horror directors from around the world will each tackle a segment that will "showcase death in all its strange and brutal beauty."

The directors tapped for the project include Angela Bettis ('Roman'), Jason Eisener ('Hobo With a Shotgun'), Andrew Traucki ('The Reef'), Nacho Vigalondo ('TimeCrimes'), Ti West ('The House of the Devil'),and Ben Wheatley ('The Kill List'). Also sure to cause more controversy: Srdjan Spasojevic, director of the much-protested 'A Serbian Film.'

Each director will be assigned a letter and given the same budget to create bloody mayhem. The stories will be connected with a linking device. The final slot will be awarded to a beginning filmmaker, the winner of a soon-to-be-launched global competition.
Alamo Drafthouse CEO/founder Tim League and Timpson Films CEO Ant Timpson will co-produce the project.

"'The ABCs of Death' offers us a chance to work closely with a large number of visionary filmmakers to create a film with more jaw-dropping moments than a whole summer of blockbusters," League said.

Timpson related that the project was inspired by his sons' ABC books. "The idea of subverting that format to reveal a study in all the dastardly and humorous ways a person can leave this world appealed on multiple levels." And, of course, the idea isn't completely new: "It was somewhat fitting to learn that the earliest forms of the ABCs books actually did use fear of punishment to teach the young," Timpson said.

Of course, fans of Edward Gorey can already recite by heart a different macabre alphabet, The Gashlycrumb Tinies: "A is for Amy assaulted by bears, B is for Basil who fell down the stairs ..."

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