The Tom Cruise / Val Kilmer action masterpiece 'Top Gun' turns 25 years old this week. A story of friendship and jet-flying, the movie also became famous for a very different, albeit unintentional, reason: the unexplained and really quite striking homoeroticism of a certain volleyball scene.

In an attempt to show up Kilmer's Iceman, Maverick (Cruise at his delicious prime) decides that playing volleyball against him is a good idea. Shirtless. Sweating. Wearing tight jeans. Sweating. It's ridiculous and sexy and iconic and confusing. Even Kelly McGillis couldn't figure this one out.

It's the quintessential unintentionally gay scene for all time. So, in honor of 'Top Gun,' Moviefone gathered some other scenes that (probably) didn't mean to be quite as homoerotic as they turned out ... in only the best ways possible.
First, the Mother Lode:

'Top Gun': The Volleyball Scene

Some are quite sweet (Sylvester Stallone and Carl Weathers in 'Rocky III,' Sam and Frodo in 'Return of the King') and some are just plain gross (Steve-O and a beer funnel in 'Jackass Number Two'; see below), but they all showcase that gray area between friends and lovers.

Oh, and biceps. Can't forget biceps.

'Predator': Dutch and Dillon's Reunion

'Road House'
: "I Used to [ahem] Guys Like You in Prison" (NSFW)

'The Road Warrior': Lord Humongous's Outfit

'Jackass Number Two'
: Butt Chug (Not Safe For Work/Life)

'Rocky III' Beach Training

Some other favorites that we couldn't ignore:

Every arm wrestling scene from 'Over the Top': What's with all the sweating and grunting? Just make out already.

Anything from '300': You're going to war in a Speedo? With those muscles, you should be modeling Abercrombie & Fitch, not spearing people.

Batman's nipple suit in 'Batman Forever': Were the close-ups on Kilmer's butt and package necessary? Come on, Val. 'Top Gun' was enough.

Did we miss any good ones? Tell us your favorite unintentionally homoerotic movie scene!
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