• One of the festival's most anticipated titles, Lars Von Trier's sci-fi downer 'Melancholia,' screened in the wee hours of the morning. The verdict, according to Eric Kohn: "A dark apocalyptic masterpiece." Click here to read Kohn's full review.
  • As for Von Trier's own verdict? "Maybe it's crap actually. Of course I hope not, there's quite a bit of possibility this is really not worth seeing." That's just one choice quote the Cannes vet made at following the film's unveiling. Among the others: "OK, I'm a Nazi" ... "Oh, 'Melancholia' is a comedy. You should see what happens when I try tragedy" ... And, "We had fun doing this film, but I would like to talk about my next film which is -- as Kirsten (Dunst) insisted -- is going to be a porn film."

  • After the worldwide press had a field day with Von Trier's explosive Nazi comment, the director was quick to offer an official apology via a press release. In it, he simply stated that "he let himself be egged on by provocation."

  • Kohn also caught Aki Kaurismaki's deadpan comedy 'Le Havre.' "Combining his economical storytelling with a life-affirming plot, Kaurismaki churns a fundamental scenario through his own unique narrative tendencies, yielding a product both heartwarming and irreverent, two qualities that should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with his distinctive touch," Kohn wrote in his review. "Beyond that, it also introduces an element of political commentary to the director's work that deepens its impact."

  • The Playlist got caught up in the Von Trier mania on La Croisette. First up they reviewed the film (slapping it with a C+), reported on the outrageous press conference and investigated whether Von Trier's next project will in fact be a porn film.

  • Anne Thompson weighed in on the Tilda Swinton-starring 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' and where it might find a home. "At the premiere, green-eyed Tilda Swinton looked every inch the statuesque movie star with a light blond bob, candy pink lips and backless dark azur blue and purple Haider Ackermann sheath," she wrote. "Having won a supporting actress nod Oscar for 'Michael Clayton' as well as top notices for 'I Am Love', a small distributor with the right deft marketing touch -- I'd pick Roadside Attractions, but they appear not to be chasing hard after this -- could deploy a Swinton awards campaign to turn this tough little movie into a must-see."
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