• Another day, another Lars von Trier post. Today's involves von Trier's response to a letter Iranian Deputy Culture Minister for Cinematic Affairs Javad Shamaqdari released to Persian media outlets Monday that criticized the Cannes Film Festival's decision to declare the director "persona non grata" after his controversial press conference comments. Click here to read the director's thoughts.
  • In other Cannes related news, we offered our list of the 12 films to watch from Cannes (plus several more). Want to know what made the cut? Click here to find out.

    • This week's Small Screens column is doc heavy. Among those not to miss: 'A Small Act,' Jennifer Arnold's moving account of a Kenya-born boy and her Swedish sponsor, the Yves Saint Laurent love letter 'L'Amour Fou,' and the Martin Scorsese doc 'Public Speaking.'

    • Another doc, this one a short, examines Rwanda post-genocide. Click here to learn of a social media campaign the film's distributor is undertaking to give back to the people of the country.

    • In business news, David Linde and Reliance Entertainment have announced the official formation and funding of a new company that will establish a first-look production and related distribution agreement with Universal Pictures. Tory Metzger and Adam Rymer were named as head of production and chief operating officer, respectively. For Thompson on Hollywood's report click here.

    • As part of its indie film series, Maya Entertainment, a distributor that caters to Latino and multicultural audiences, has acquired the Sundance U.S. Dramatic title 'Benavides Born' for U.S. theatrical release.

    • Filmmakers, listen up! In a guest post for Ted Hope's Hope for Film blog, Jennifer Fox breaks down her six tips for launching a six-figure Kickstarter campaign. Click here to see what she has to say.
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