The Oscars are often accused of being out of date (hence that whole 'younger and hipper' hosting fiasco this year), but the biggest awards show on Earth is gearing up to get high-tech.

Electronic voting will soon replace those passé paper ballots, the Academy has just advised its members. The email-based voting will be implemented "as early as this year, and will certainly be in effect by next year. At some point, once the system is up and running, mailed ballots will be eliminated."

You'll still need to be a member of the Academy to vote, of course. (Otherwise 'Twilight' and 'Harry Potter' would sweep all the categories and Johnny Depp would have at least one Best Actor award already.)

In a letter sent to its 6,000 members, Kimberly Roush, the Academy's director of membership, asked for a personal email address, to ensure that the members are doing the voting, not an assistant or co-worker.
In the past, officials feared that an electronic system could be hacked or might alienate older, less digitally savvy members.

The impact on these changes could mean a shorter voting period, which could lead to an earlier date for the awards ceremony and a shorter awards season overall. That could mean -- the horror! -- less box office and less attention for the nominated films.

[via The New York Times]
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