Today on indieWIRE we analyze the box office prospects for 'The Tree of Life,' Anne Thompson gets up close and personal with Lars von Trier and much more.

  • Memorial Day weekend at the movies has never exactly been associated with independent film. This week, however, 'The Tree of Life' is looking to change that. Will it be a success? Check out indieWIRE's analysis of how it might all go down.
  • Thompson on Hollywood's Anne Thompson caught up with Lars von Trier soon after he dug himself a big one in Cannes. Included in her post is a video interview with the Danish auteur and her thoughts on 'Melancholia.'

    • Ira Sachs' latest topped the list of projects we're rooting for this week. For more on his new film, 'Keep the Light On,' and the other four that made the cut, be sure to read indieWIRE's in-production column.

    • China Lion Film Distribution wants to bring Chinese erotic epic 'Sex and Zen 3D: Extreme Ecstasy' to North American theaters -- but which theaters want the movie? Check out indieWIRE's report on how the company is trying to bring the racy film to American audiences.

    • Over the Memorial Day weekend, SnagFilms is making it easy to support America's most recent veterans. Want to learn how to give back? Go here to find out.

    • The Playlist posted the latest fake-out teaser for 'The Muppets' that hit earlier today. Click here to see it and get their verdict on the clip, sure to go viral.

    • What could be better than watching a classic movie in a great theater, surrounded by like-minded people? Not much, according to Leonard Maltin, who reported on the Los Angeles Conservancy's 25th annual festival known as The Last Remaining Seats, which screens vintage classics.
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