We've all been there. It can be exceedingly, even impossibly difficult to turn down that double tequila shot at last call. After all, the bartender says it's on him, and hey, tomorrow's Saturday anyway -- not like you gotta be at work in the morning, right?

Well, the shot may have been free, but you'll definitely be paying for it when you wake up and the throbbing in your head feels like invisible gnomes are testing the latest jackhammering technology somewhere inside your skull.

In honor of this weekend's release of 'The Hangover Part II,' we at Moviefone would like to give you our personal favorite flicks to help ease the hurt that feels like it'll never end. The following films go very well with tall glasses of ice water and multiple ibuprofens, and can best be viewed from the fetal position on your couch with a trash can in immediate reach.
'Mean Girls'
When I am hung over, all I want is to be comforted. I'm an old man at 28, and with each passing year, the headaches and fatigue get harder and harder to handle. So I crave something familiar, something unchallenging, and no movie hits the mark quite like 'Mean Girls.' It certainly helps that it can be found somewhere on television 24/7, so I usually don't even have to get up to pop in a DVD, but that's not all it has going for it. Simultaneously smart and silly, 'Girls' features tabloid queen Lindsay Lohan at her peak, a breakout performance from Rachel McAdams and a laugh-out-loud screenplay from Tina Fey. Another key to its hangover appeal is that I've seen it about a thousand times, so I can drift off to sleep, wake up and not feel like I've missed anything. -- John Mitchell

'Major League'
Nothing brings you out of the hangover doldrums like an uplifting underdog movie, and the Cleveland Indians are baseball's perennial underdogs (or at least, they used to be). Watching a glasses-clad Ricky Vaughn (Charlie Sheen) stride out of that bullpen to 'Wild Thing' is one of the best scenes in sports-movie history. You would never have predicted that by the end you'd actually have the physical strength to jump off the couch when Willie Mays Hayes (Wesley Snipes) slides into home plate with the winning run. -- Chris Jancelewicz

TIE: 'Waiting ...' and 'Something's Gotta Give'
When I am hung over, I don't want to move -- even to pick up a remote and change the channel. So whatever's already on TV is pretty much the movie I'm stuck watching while I recuperate from a weekend bender. And that means I have seen the Ryan Reynolds comedy 'Waiting ...' and the Jack Nicholson / Diane Keaton romance 'Something's Gotta Give' more times than I can count. They seem to play every other hour during the weekend on Comedy Central and TBS. Rather than expect the networks to switch things up more, I should probably cut back on my drinking, just so I'm not stuck watching them all the time. -- Eric Larnick

'Hoop Dreams'
When I'm hung over, I've only got three things on my agenda: couch, Netflix and bribing someone to deliver me a vanilla milkshake. Now that all my plans for the day have been canceled, this is my opportunity to loaf around like Jabba the Hutt in pajama pants and watch all the movies that keep getting bumped down on the queue. As much as I love 'Road House' and 'Shaun of the Dead,' few hangovers in life have been more satisfying than when I finally got around to all 170 minutes of 'Hoop Dreams.' I could ramble on like gangbusters about it, but I'll just say that it's one of those rare investments that's so damn good, that even with its epic runtime it still felt too short. So, the next time you wake up with your head in a vice and your shoes still on (in which case you probably also have wieners drawn all over your face), do yourself a favor and follow suit. The long ones are worth the haul. -- Aiden Redmond

All that impressive bus-wrangling by Keanu Reeves? Performed while his character, Jack Traven, is suffering a serious hangover. He and his partner tied one on the night before, after being hailed as heroes for thwarting mad bomber Howard Payne. Of course, Payne chooses the very next day to resurface, so poor Jack doesn't even get to down his coffee before stuff starts exploding. But who needs coffee when you're running on adrenaline? The movie even advises you to "go right ahead and vomit if you need to." Just mute as needed when things go boom. -- Sharon Knolle

What better movie to watch when you're feeling like a zombie, than a movie where Woody Harrelson obliterates some zombies? When you wake up and your brain can barely function, turn on 'Zombieland' (starring that adorable nebbish Jesse Eisenberg), and watch other people's brains get eaten. A lighthearted zombie comedy will remind you to laugh through your pain. Plus, the contrast between the violence on screen and the violence in your bowels will be truly remarkable. -- Gabrielle Dunn

'The Hunt for Red October'
Really, just about any submarine movie works well with a hangover. They're generally quiet (except for the inevitable Is the sub gonna sink?! scene, which may involve yelling) and darkly lit, two factors which are particularly welcome as you give that greasy breakfast and those three Advils you consumed some time to work their magic. 'Red October''s Cold War story is refreshingly simple -- America = good, Communists = bad -- and features Alec Baldwin's voice in super-gravelly mode and Sean Connery's marvelously flexible accent (this time functioning as Lithuanian, apparently). It's the kind of movie that subtly lures you in and, through the power of director John McTiernan's easygoing pacing and Basil Poledouris's Russian-inspired score, will very likely lull you to sleep -- just the kind of soothing nap that cures a hangover. Seriously, I don't think I've made it to the end of this movie since I started drinking. What happens? Do we win? -- Chris Chaberski

And if you're REALLY hung over:

The Entire 'Lord of the Rings' Trilogy
You might not think of Middle-earth as the best place to visit while your head throbs and the mere concept of keeping solid food actually inside your stomach seems about as feasible as a couple of 3-foot-tall, hairy-footed pacifists defeating the biggest, baddest, evilest bad guy ever, but you can take a life-altering journey with those hobbits for most of the day to forget all about your symptoms. Feel free to doze off intermittently, but be sure to open your eyes for a few brief intervals that are just too much fun to snooze through ("YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"). And for the truly, irretrievably hung over, we recommend the extended edition.

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