Today on indieWIRE 'Submarine' got a nod of approval, Kansas got dealt with a blow, and much more.

  • With three releases hailing from last year's Toronto Film Festival and one holdover from Cannes 2010, this Friday's roster of releases will have everything from Richard Ayoade's British coming-of-age comedy 'Submarine' and Mike Mills' whimsical romantic drama 'Beginners' to Shawn Ku's take on a high school shooting, 'Beautiful Boy,' and the latest from legendary French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard, Cannes 2010's 'Film Socialisme.' Want to know which one got the highest approval from our critics? Go here.
  • How was your Memorial Day weekend? If you're a California filmmaker, it was swell. But if you're a Kansas artist, it was beyond lousy. Over the weekend, Kansas became the nation's only state without an arts agency. Meanwhile, California -- a state that has routinely faced budget shortfalls -- granted a five-year extension to its tax credit program for television and film productions. Click here for a rundown of what happened.

    • Streaming video site Hulu and Miramax announced a deal that would make hundreds of films from the Miramax library available to screen via the Hulu Plus paid subscription service. The deal will cycle 15 films through the ad-supported free screening side of Hulu each month. Quentin Tarantino's 'Pulp Fiction,' Gus Van Sant's 'Good Will Hunting' and Anthony Minghella's 'The English Patient' are some of the films that will be available.

    • The self-labeled 'Feel Bad Movie of Christmas,' David Fincher's 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,' debuted its international poster. Warning: This black-and-white doozy isn't safe for work viewing.

    • Eric Kohn showered love on the indie UK charmer 'Submarine.' The Playlist, meanwhile, sang the praises of Matthew Vaughn's first crack at an all ages blockbuster, 'X-Men: First Class.'
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