'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides'
is still raking in the dough in theaters, so naturally the studio bigwigs have begun planning yet another entry in the billion-dollar franchise. Critics may have trashed the latest one, but since it's already made $164 million at the box office, the only question is: who is going to end up shooting the fifth installment?

An offer has been on the table for 'Stranger Tides' director Rob Marshall since January, but he still has not signed on. So, Disney has had to draw up a contingency plan just in case Marshall doesn't return.

Hit the jump to see the names rumored to be on the studio's wish list. Shawn Levy ('Date Night'), Sam Raimi ('Spider-Man'), Chris Weitz ('Twilight: New Moon') and Alfonso Cuaron ('Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban') are all currently being considered to take over the reigns of the franchise. However, the "dream choice" right now is said to be Tim Burton. Besides the fact that 'Pirates' is basically tailor-made for the 'Alice in Wonderland' director, he also has just a little bit of history with Johnny Depp.

Speaking of Depp, the studio may have a much bigger problem than finding a new director: Depp is also not signed on for another sequel. Would Disney even consider replacing him? It's hard to imagine a 'Pirates' world sans Depp, and while these films may be worth millions, it's more than likely fans would skip another sequel if Captain Jack Sparrow did.

Who do you think should direct 'Pirates 5'?

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