Unfortunately for all you James Bond fans who live in America, you are going to have to wait a couple more weeks after the U.K. to get your MI6 fix. The next film in the 007 series, tentatively titled 'Bond 23,' will be getting a later release date in the U.S. (November 9, 2012) then the one across the Atlantic (October 26, 2012). Fun fact: the October date is only a few weeks after the 50th anniversary of the first ever 007 film.

The official release date is certainly a welcome relief to all James Bond fanatics. MGM had originally canceled the film due to financial problems, only to resurrect it a few months later. Hit the jump to find out what we already know about the 23rd film in the franchise.
So far, we know Daniel Craig will be returning again to play the British secret agent. Also on board will be Judi Dench as M. Heading up the project is Academy Award-winning director Sam Mendes, which should make for a very unique take on the James Bond franchise. As for the villain, both Anthony Hopkins and Javier Bardem are currently being considered for the role. Also rumored is Ralph Fiennes, who would allegedly be playing a "darkly complex" character.

[via /film]
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