Woody Allen's latest film, 'Midnight in Paris,' just had the best limited debut of 2011 and the highest per-theater average in nearly two years. What better occasion to revisit his ups and downs at the box office?

'Paris,' Allen's 46th feature film as director, has grossed $3.8 million so far in limited release thanks to mostly glowing reviews (not to mention launching a new celeb couple in co-stars Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen).

In this Moviefone exclusive courtesy of Movieline, we look at Allen's many hits ('Annie Hall,' 'Hannah and Her Sisters') and misses (the best-forgotten 'Anything Else' with Jason Biggs).

A few box office facts for the Allen-obsessed after the jump.
From Movieline:

1. Highest-Grossing:'Hannah and Her Sisters' ($40 million)

'Hannah and Her Sisters' opened in limited release on Feb. 7, 1986 before going nationwide on March 14 of that same year. (It landed in fifth place during that weekend, behind 'Gung Ho,' 'Pretty in Pink,' 'The Color Purple' and 'Down and Out in Beverly Hills.') 'Sisters 'was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. With $39.9 million, 'Manhattan' is Allen's second biggest grosser, and largest when adjusted for inflation.

2. Lowest-Grossing:'September' ($486,484)

Released the year after the box office success of 'Hannah and Her Sisters,' 'September' was rife with production issues (according to Farrow, Allen actually shot the film twice); unsurprisingly, it failed at the box office. 'Cassandra's Dream' -- which grossed only $973,018 in 2007 -- ranks second among Allen's domestic financial flops.

3. Highest-Grossing With Woody As Star:'Manhattan' ($39.9 million)

Since Allen was merely part of the ensemble in 'Hannah and Her Sisters,' his leading man performance in 'Manhattan' ranks as his biggest (non-'Antz') starring role.

4. Lowest-Grossing With Woody As Star: 'Shadows and Fog' ($2.7 million)

With a budget of $19 million, the comic-drama-noir 'Shadows and Fog' was one of Allen's costly misfires. Fun fact: 'Fog' opened the same weekend as 'Basic Instinct.'

5. Highest-Grossing With a Woody Surrogate:Seth Green, 'Radio Days' ($14.7 million)

Owen Wilson is getting some high praise for his embodiment of the Woody Allen-type in 'Midnight in Paris,' but for him to reach truly iconic Allen stand-in status he'll need to see 'Paris' gross more than 'Radio Days.' As a young version of the onscreen Woodster, Seth Green helped lead 'Radio Days' to $14 million back in 1987. John Cusack - who was one of the better Woody Allen clones in 'Bullets Over Broadway' - earns the silver medal with $13.3 million in grosses for his film.

6. Lowest-Grossing with a Woody Surrogate:Jason Biggs, 'Anything Else' ($3.2 million)

Allen co-stars with Biggs in 'Anything Else,' but the "Woody role" falls decidedly on the 'American Pie' star's shoulders. Unlike some of Allen's other financial misfires, 'Anything Else' didn't even do well overseas; 'Cassandra's Dream' outgrossed the comedy by nearly $10 million worldwide.

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7. Highest-Grossing With Diane Keaton: 'Manhattan' ($39.9 million)

Keaton co-starred with Allen in two of his biggest financial successes, but it was 'Manhattan' that grossed more than 'Annie Hall.' The lesson: there's always more money in the sequel, even if it's not a sequel. (See: 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin' and 'Knocked Up.')

8. Highest-Grossing with Mia Farrow: 'Hannah and Her Sisters' ($40 million)

The second of Allen's muses, Farrow has the distinct honor of starring in the director's most lucrative film and his lowest earner ('September').

9. Highest-Grossing with Scarlett Johansson:'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' ($23.3 million)

Say what you will about the Scarlett Johansson-as-muse era of Allen filmmaking, but it produced two of his biggest hits ('Barcelona' and 'Match Point'), which -- not coincidentally -- were also two of his most well-regarded films from the last twenty years. We can all just forget that 'Scoop' happened.

10. Widest Release: 'Anything Else,' 1033 screens on Sept. 19, 2003

Insult to injury: despite the incredible amount of screens for a Woody Allen release, 'Anything Else' only opened in 12th place. To date, it's the only Allen film to ever top 1000 screens.

11. Smallest Release: 'Melinda and Melinda,' 1 screen on March 18, 2005

Most Allen films start off in limited release - 'Midnight in Paris' is only open on six screens as of Friday - but 'Melinda and Melinda' gets the brass ring of limited: it was out in just one theater initially, grossing $74,238 over opening weekend. The film went only to earn just $3.8 million domestically (and another $17 million worldwide), which still makes it better than 'Anything Else.'

12. Combined Grosses for the last 10 Woody Allen Films: $85.3 million

13. Total Films That Grossed More Than That in One Weekend During the Same Time Frame: 24

Not that anyone needs to hold a fund-raiser for Woody Allen, but his box office potential as a director has been reduced significantly since the mid-'80s, barring the occasional art house breakthrough ('Vicky Cristina Barcelona,' 'Match Point'). Judging from the reviews of 'Midnight in Paris,' that film could potentially join those titles as latter-day box office hits. If not, there's always next year -- Allen is filming his next film this summer in Italy.
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