Those missing James Cameron's elaborately beautiful planet of Pandora can get a taste at Seattle's new 'Avatar' exhibit.

'AVATAR: The Exhibit' opened Saturday at the EMP Museum but could come to other cities before it closes in September 2012. The interactive and high-tech exhibit features videos on the alien Na'vi culture and on the real-life scientists and experts who helped create the alien world. p>
The L.A. Times wrote:

Visitors can transform into one of "Avatar's" CG alien characters and act out a scene, create Pandoran plants with a kit based on scientific facts and walk by a life-size projection of the Pandoran forest where animated woodsprites react to human movements. Some key costumes and props from the film will be on display, including the 13.5-foot armored AMP suit worn by Stephen Lang as villain Col. Quaritch.

The exhibit will also look at the 2009 Oscar contender's innovative filmmaking techniques as well as immerse visitor's in Jake's and Neytiri's rain forest world.

'Avatar' Trailer

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