As if the resemblance weren't striking enough already, we've just gotten hold of the latest poster for 'Super 8' and all we can think about is the awesomeness that was a young Steven Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment in the '80s. If the name's not ringing any bells, Amblin is the production company Spielberg that founded in 1981 and proceeded to give us 'E.T.,' 'The Goonies,' 'Back to the Future' and a slew of other movies that are all required viewing for children throughout history. Aside from being some of the most iconic and timeless adventure stories out there, they all had very similar-looking, hand-drawn posters that became synonymous with Spielberg and the quality movies he produced.

With not a whole lot actually known about 'Super 8,' despite the hype and it being less than two days until it hits theaters (make that one day if you're lucky enough to land a screening via Twitter), this poster is the latest in a brilliantly cryptic marketing campaign that's been tapping into our nostalgia reserves for months and has our expectations hoping for greatness.

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