Warren Beatty made an appearance at the Los Angeles Times' Hero Complex Film Festival to introduce the opening night screening of his 1990 'Dick Tracy' and field questions from the audience and the press.

In addition to general banter on how he makes films -- "I always think of making a movie like vomiting: I don't like to vomit, but I get to a point sometimes where I think, OK, I better go ahead and do this and I'll feel better" -- Beatty was pressed on the question of a sequel to 'Dick Tracy.'
When asked several times if he was going to don Tracy's fedora or stand behind the camera for a sequel, he danced around verbally, finally saying, "I'm gonna make another one," according to /film. Beatty recently won a lawsuit against the Tribune Company giving him the rights to the character, so that makes sense.

As for his role in the production, he was sly in his comments: "I think it's dumb to talk about movies before you make them. I just don't do it. It gives you a perfect excuse to avoid making them. The more you talk about it, the longer it's hidden."

Case closed ... for the time being.
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