If for some reason you didn't watch Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards last Friday night because you had better things to do than watch Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards on a Friday night, you can rest easy because we now have our hands on the latest trailer for 'Cowboys & Aliens' that you missed out on. While it doesn't give us any real updates on the story and a good deal of the footage is stuff we've already seen, but the new stuff that is here give us serious reason to believe that this might be the most badass thing that Craig's done since 'Casino Royale' and Ford's done since 'Air Force One.'

Set in the Wild West of 1873, 'Cowboys & Aliens' is about an outlaw who wakes up in the desert with no memory of who he is, where he is, and why he's got some futuristic gadget strapped to his wrist. When he strolls back into town, he gets locked up by the local sheriff because apparently he was nothing but trouble. But then alien ships roll in and start blowing up everything in sight, and it's up to the outlaw and that futuristic wrist gun of his to fight back.

It's directed by Jon Favreau; stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and Olivia Wilde; and it's about cowboys fighting aliens. What's not to love?

Hit the jump for the video.

Even with its unintentionally hilarious name, it's pretty crazy how 'Cowboys & Aliens' is looking more and more like one of the coolest things we're gonna see all summer. Set for a July 29 release date, here's to hoping the we're right about this.

What do you think: Looking pretty boss, or still can't get past that name?

[via CinemaBlend]

Cowboys & Aliens
PG-13 2011
Based on 41 critics

An amnesiac gunslinger is a frontier town's only hope against extraterrestrial invaders. Read More