Joel Silver
is not one to give up on a concept. After the abysmal failure of 'Speed Racer,' he's going to take another crack at kids cartoon fare by developing a live-action feature film based on the Cartoon Network's 'Ben 10' animated sci-fi franchise. And, according to Variety, he has plans to take it to Warner Bros. in hopes of creating a new franchise.

For those of you without pre-adolescent boys or an interest in animated fare, Ben Tennyson is a typical kid who becomes very atypical after he discovers the Omnitrix, a mysterious, alien watch-like weapon with the power to transform the wearer into 10 different alien species with superpowers, which he uses to save the world. The first series began in 2005; followed by a somewhat darker second series, 'Ben 10: Alien Force,' in 2008; followed by a third series, 'Ben 10: Ultimate Alien,' which premiered in 2010. A fourth series is in production.
There have been several live-action adaptations of 'Ben 10' on the Cartoon Net, and they have pulled in respectable viewing numbers, as has the animated series. "I think we have to try something fresh and go at it in a way that stays true to the original material," Silver told Variety. "I tried to do (something similar) with 'Speed Racer' and failed miserably," he said. "You always learn more from the ones that don't work than the ones that do work."

Dark Castle has come on board to produce, and the company (and Silver) is seeking writers.
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