Tom Cruise is keeping busy these days with -- his fans hope -- some roles he can really sink his teeth into (coming off the very limp 'Knight and Day,' you might say any role would be meaty). Not only has he finished 'Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol,' which opens Dec. 16, but he's shooting 'Rock of Ages,' getting ready for Joseph Kosinski's sci-fi project 'Oblivion,' and has about a dozen projects in the fire. Now, according to Deadline, Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions are negotiating with him to star in 'One Shot,' a thriller based on the Lee Child book series.

Fans of two-fisted he-men book heroes love the Child series for its protagonist, former military policeman-turned-drifter Jack Reacher, who's described as being 6-feet, 5-inches tall, weighing 250 pounds, and with fists made of steel (figuratively). Already the Net is abuzz with naysayers doubtful about Cruise in this part -- he is, after all, not an imposing figure.
But according to Deadline, "the author himself is excited about Cruise playing the role ... 'Reacher's size in the books is a metaphor for an unstoppable force, which Cruise portrays in his own way,' Child said when he threw his support behind the move."

Christopher McQuarrie ('The Usual Suspects,' 'Valkyrie,' 'The Tourist') will direct from a script he's developing for the film.

The plot of 'One Shot' is set into motion when a sniper guns down five office workers and Reacher -- who drifts around the country, using his strength and smarts as an ex-army cop to help underdogs -- senses there's more than meets the eye here when the "culprit" turns out to be an ex-infantry specialist, and he offers his services. The villains: a quintet of Russians led by an 80-year-old monster.

What do you think about Cruise taking on this role?
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